I met Victoria through a colleague at HanWay and over the years I've had the chance to observe and sometimes participate in the events she has produced, from the London Business school through to her work for Club Panico. Victoria's ability to educate and train is informed by her professionalism and strong industry background. Her sound judgement, honed whilst scouting for literary properties and developing film projects, is of great benefit to the writers and directors she's worked with,  encouraging their creativity whilst keeping mindful of the realities of making film.

Matthew Baker, Head of Acquisitions, Recorded Picture Company, London

I met Victoria at ICM in LA almost ten years ago. While there, she was a voracious reader and able to spot which stories were both intelligent and marketable, which helped to identify new writers and books to represent as well as to develop some of the (literary) properties that ICM has successfully packaged. In the years since our formally working together, Victoria still reads for me and refers talented new directors and writers to me for representation, and I've been a guest for an event or two that she's programmed and moderated. Astute in the business of film, Victoria is also a bright, generous and loyal friend.

Robert Lazar, Literary and Talent Agent, International Creative Management, Los Angeles

I met Victoria through colleagues and friends several years ago and since then, I've been a guest to a few of the film events that she's programmed and moderated over the years. Victoria is incredibly informed and organised, but she's also generous, friendly, and relates well to a variety of people easily and naturally.

Nik Powell, Director of the National Film and Television School (NFTS), London; Executive Producer of THE CRYING GAME, LADIES IN LAVENDER, BACKBEAT; co-founder of Virgin

I met Victoria while I was a Creative Executive at Intermedia Films in LA and she was a Story Analyst. Victoria was an avid and speedy reader, who was (and is) able to read massive books and complex screenplays and then condense the basic elements and marketing possibilities to a few pages succinctly and astutely. This practical ability, in addition to her passion for good storytelling, made her judgement trustworthy and helped move several properties into the cycle of financing and production.

Mark Burrell, Former Creative Executive at Intermedia Films, now Producer at Half Shell Entertainment, Los Angeles

I met Victoria nearly ten years ago while working in Los Angeles at IFP/West (now Film Independent).  Victoria brings energy, compassion and intelligence to everything she does.  She's a real asset to the film community, not only because she willingly shares her extensive knowledge of film and story with others, but also because she's an absolute delight to be around.   

Susan Rossetti, former Marketing Manager, IFP/West, Los Angeles

I first met Victoria Jelinek at the Golden Orange Film Festival in Antalya, Turkey, where we were both invited in 2005. Since that time, I have been invited as guest speaker to two London based film workshops she has organised and hosted. In the time that I have known Victoria, I have been struck by her sound knowledge of the industry, astute understanding of market shifts and trends, and her deep passion for story and the mechanics that makes it tick. Through organising such events, she also demonstrates a great, natural talent for bringing people and ideas together.

Piers Nightingale, Head of Development, High Point Media Group, London

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