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  1. With the exception of a lucky minority, a career in film does not generally yield great wealth or even a steady income. Therefore, my fees for aspiring filmmakers and industry practitioners are very minimal in order to be able to help as many as is possible as they endeavour to make films and work in the film industry. No conversation or project is too small, and it can cost you less than a night out in town.


  1. Flexibility is the key to a good personal service. I can work on different fee structures such as:

  2. Fixed fee (for an event or a book-to-film project).

  3. Hourly or daily rate.

  4. Rates with a built-in bonus or commission structure.

  5. Revenue sharing agreements (for events and book adaptations).

  6. I accept all project types - from per hour to fixed periods of days and/or months.

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