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  1. Critiques of students/members’ ideas, treatments and scripts, considering genre and audience, where the market is, help in improving and developing their idea.

  2. Story Editing.

  3. Help students/members in writing a coverage (or ‘readers report’) and/or a treatment.

  4. Writing a coverage or treatment for a project.

  5. As a Co-Producer, help in finishing a final feature script by assisting in creating a package, attaching elements, attracting financing, as well as a plan for pitching ideas and projects to various cultures given their box office on similar projects. As an Advisor, guidance in completing these tasks.

  6. As a Consultant, help in sales and distribution for a finished feature film according to genre - targeting specific companies which will be the most likely places to get the project the help it needs to get made or exhibited, as well as considering international territories sensibilities and purchasing history according to budget and genre. As an Advisor, guidance in completing these tasks.

  7. As a Development Executive, developing the story with the screenwriter (s), creating potential talent lists and contact sheets, involvement with casting, overseeing the script (changes) as it goes into and through production, to co-ordinating the telling of the story succinctly and ‘truly’ through post-production as well as maintaining record of story changes and alternative actions and circumstances.

  8. Guidance on which festivals would best suit the project and/or enable networking opportunities in an environment that is suitable to the members/students or company sensibilities, resources, and given the particular milieu of respective festivals...

Critic’s Review and Contracting Work