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  1. Critiques of your ideas, treatments and scripts, considering genre and audience, where the market is, help in improving and developing your idea.

  2. Story Editing.

  3. Help in writing a coverage (or ‘readers report’) and/or a treatment.

  4. Writing a coverage or treatment for your project.

  5. Help in finishing your final feature script - how to create a package, attach elements, and how to attract potential financing.

  6. Help in sales and distribution for your finished feature film according to your genre - targeting specific companies which will be the most likely places to get your project the help and exposure you want, the nuances of pitching projects to various cultures, as well as reviewing reasonable expectations for the evolution of your project.

  7. Guidance on which festivals would best suit your project and/or will enable you to network yourself in an environment that is suitable to your sensibilities, resources, and given the particular milieu of respective festivals...

The Critic’s Review